Testing Charts

Testing Charts

Drawdown charts are used for testing paints and coatings by preparation of wet film application on chart through film applicator or wire bar coater. With the help of drawdown cards we can analyse shade, uniformity, opacity, flow, coverage and levelling properties of the paint and coating liquid sample after curing.
It is a very useful product in different industrial sectors like architectural, industrial, R & D labs, QC labs, automotive, ink, cosmetics, paint and coating industries, etc. It will be useful in both water and solvent borne paints.
We provide quality drawdown cards which are easy to use and inexpensive in cost because with the help of drawdown card film application we can short out the defects if found in the batch. Here are the variety of cards used for drawdown for testing purpose.

Standard: ASTM D 2805, ASTM D 344, ASTM D 2846, ASTM D 4213, ISO 2814
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Draw Down Charts

In the draw down card/chart black strip found in the center of the card/chart.

Opacity Charts

Opacity charts are used to analyse the hiding power (Opacity) of the prepared paint and coatings.
We provide two types of opacity charts which are given below in the table.

Checker Board

Checker board is used to analyse the opacity, hiding power, spreading area/rate etc of the paint film. It is made up of high quality material which is reliable in performance. Checker board cards are also provided in two types which is given below in the table.

Plain White Charts

Plain white charts are used to produce true colour samples without any interference of black substrate. We provide plain white charts in three types which are given below in the table.

Checker Stickers

Checker stickers are used to conduct and analyse the test of opacity, hiding power, spreading area/rate of the prepared paint sample film and to provide their customer for various reference purposes.

Ink Test Charts

Ink Test Charts are used to analyse the hiding power (opacity),
shade, etc of ink and its relatable products.

U.V Coating Charts

U.V coating charts are used to conduct the test after application and curing of the paint film which are related to U.V. related.

Scrub Test Panel / chart

Scrub resistance panel is an ideal substrate for abrasion testing of coatings. Scrub test panels are used to conduct the scrub resistance of paint coatings after curing with the help of Wet Abrasion Scrub tester. It has a smooth & matt finish. It complies with ISO 11998, ASTM D 2846 & ASTM D 4213. It is made up of imported black plastic

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