Din Cups

Din Cups

Din Cups are simple gravity instruments that permit the measurement of flow time of a known liquid solution passing through an orifice located at the bottom. It is available in anodised aluminium with a stand. Stand consists of a base, rod, holder and a glass plate. Base and holder of the Stand is made up of Mild Steel with durable powder coating and the rod is made up of stainless steel. We also supply with an inbuilt spirit level .
Din cups are also available in dip type. Dip type din cups are made up of anodised aluminium with an attached handle, it is easy to dip the din cup into the solution for measuring the viscosity. Din cups are used to measure the viscosity of paints, varnish, lacquers, oil and other similar products.

Standard: DIN 53211
Raj Make

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Technical Specifications:


Accessories required for testing:
• Spatula
• Stopwatch
• Thermometer 110ºC
• Glass Beaker

Package Includes :
Din cup, base, rod, holder,
glass plate, manual and
calibration certificate.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 718/2 Din cup no.2 with stand
Ref No. 718/3 Din cup no.2 Dip type
Ref No. 718/4 Din cup no.4 with stand
Ref No. 718/5 Din cup no.4 Dip type
Ref No. 718/6 Din cup no.6 with stand
Ref No. 718/7 Din cup no.6 Dip type
Ref No. 718/8 Din cup no.8 with stand
Ref No. 718/9 Din cup no.8 Dip type
HSN Code: 90279090

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