Colour Comparator

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Colour Comparator is used to match the colour of the liquid samples in a day light illuminating unit against glass standard built in the test disc. The discs are known as Gardner discs having 18 colours with number (1-18). It is widely used in the oil & solvent industry, paint industry, cosmetic pharmaceuticals and chemical industry. It is very easy to use for visual observation. Just rotate the discs for matching the colour of the liquid sample.

It has two nos. of discs
Gardner Discs A Range 1 – 9
Gardner Discs B Range 10 – 18
ASTM Discs A Range 0.5 – 4.0
ASTM Discs B Range 4.5 – 8.0
Tubes are used to fill the samples for colour matching.

Standard: ASTM D 1544, ASTM D 6166, ASTM D 1500, ISO 2049

Package Includes:
Colour comparator apparatus, Discs,
gardner empty tubes and manual.

Ordering Information:

Ref No. 779/1 Colour Comparator with Gardner Disc A, B
Ref No. 779/2 Colour Comparator with ASTM Disc A, B
Ref No. 779/3 Lovibond (U.K make) Comparator with
Gardner Disc A, B or ASTM Disc A, B
HSN Code: 90278090

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