Tubular Impact Tester

Tubular Impact Tester

Tubular Impact Tester scientific equipment allows both the failure point to be measure. This impact tester can be used with paints, Varnishes, plastic coating, laminations, and sheet material. A sample clamp securely holds the test piece. The impact can be varied by adjusting weights or heights.

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Tubular Impact Tester is used to determine the impact and flexibility of coatings. The coated specimen is placed between top of a die and intender. On the specimen a hemispherical punch is produced by an intender, when it allows it to fall from a specific height.
The specimen is removed from the tester and the damage of the coating caused by the rapid deformation of the metal is evaluated through observation. The Impact Tester is heavy duty in construction. It is useful for the paint and coating, cosmetic, pipe, and steel industry.
Base is made of mild steel duly power coated. The Impact Tester is provided with aluminium tube duly powder coated. Inches and cms is abbreviated on the tube. Standard height of the tube is 40 inch. Different weights and dia of intender are available.

Standard: ASTM D 2794, IS 101 (Part 5 / Sec. 3), ISO 6272-1, ISO 6272-2
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Technical Specifications:

Accessories required for testing:
• M.S. Panel size : 150 x 100 x 1 mm

Package Includes:
Tubular Impact Tester base, tubular impact tester tube,
base die, intender & spares.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 134/1 Tubular Impact Tester ( IS Standard)
Ref No. 134/2 Tubular Impact Tester ( ASTM D 2794 Standard)
Ref No. 134/3 Tubular Impact Tester ( ISO 6272 -1 Standard)
Ref No. 134/4 Tubular Impact Tester ( ISO 6272 -2 Standard)
HSN Code: 90248099

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