Humidity Cabinet

Humidity Cabinet Standard: ASTM D 2247

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A humidity cabinet is used for sample testing at different set points, by maintaining controlled humidity and temperature. A humidification cabinet is used in paint, coating, pharmaceuticals, plastic, rubber industries etc for quality assurance. Temperature and humidity testing helps to determine the behaviour of the components in severel test conditions and environment. Humidity cabinet helps to create a climate of set temperature and humidity which is required for testing purposes in the cabinet. It is very useful for testing by creating the required condition for electronic devices, household appliances, rubber, plastic, metals, oils, paints.
It is made up of a double walled body of which the outside is made up of mild steel duly powder coated and the inner side is made up of stainless steel. Two stainless steel trays are provided for testing purposes. Digital controller is provided for setting desired temperature and humidity. Accurate control of heating and cooling systems ensure homogeneity of temperature and humidity distribution over the entire cabinet. Air is circulated for uniform temperature in case of cooling models with a hermetically sealed compressor. Water reservoir pot and foot valve is provided along with a buzzer in order to maintain the level of water in the reservoir pot and humidity.
Our humidity cabinet is designed for its accuracy and durability as it is powder coated and with high quality controller system installation. It is manufactured by keeping the customer’s safety and satisfaction in mind.

Standard: ASTM D 2247

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Technical Specifications:
Temp Range                                    : 10°C to 60°C
Temp Accuracy                               : ± 1°C
Humidity Range                              : 40 to 95 %
Humidity Accuracy                         : ± 3 % RH
Direct RH controller sensor range : 40 – 100 %
Suitable with stabilisers.

Package Includes:
Humidity cabinet, manual and calibration certificate.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 444/1 Capacity 91 litres
Ref No. 444/2 Capacity 175 litres
Ref No. 444/3 Capacity 288 litres
Ref No. 444/4 Capacity 342 litres
Ref No. 444/5 Capacity 441 litres
HSN Code: 85044040



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