High-Speed Dispersing Machine

High-Speed Dispersing Machine

High speed dispersers is a type of mixer used to rapidly break apart lumps of powder material, and wetting them in a liquid. It is also used to dissolve solube solids in a liquid.
A High Speed Dispersers is a Table Top Model with a Three Phase Induction Forced Cooled Motor controlled by Variable Frequency Driver and a Digital Timer Controller. Sturdy Laboratory platform is to be arranged by you. One nos “50 mm SS304 Cowl Type Stirrer’’ will be supplied with the machine.

Dispersion of 2/4 ltr volume grinding media with a Tip Speed of 12-18 mps

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Raj Make

➢ RPM : 0000 to 4850 Step less variation by VFD. Digital Display of RPM on VFD Panel
➢ Clamping : Manual in “V” Shaped Clamping
➢ Vertical Traverse : Manual Operation eased by counterweight Mechanism & LM slide
➢ Main Supply : 415/430 VAC and 50/60 Hz
➢ Digital Timer : 99 mins 59 secs with memory backup function



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