Cupping Test Apparatus

Cupping Test Apparatus

Cupping Testing Apparatus is scientific equipment to know the quality of paint on the pre-painted sheet, therefore, in a cupping testing machine the samples are cut and deep-drawn according to the Erichsen Principle to determine the depth to which they can be drawn before the paint cracks.

Hand-operated, rugged ERICHSO TESTER is designed to find the deep drawability (ductility) of metallic sheets and strips as per Erichsen Principle for cupping test.

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The cupping test apparatus is designed to test the elongation and deformability of lacquers and protective coatings applied to metal substrate. The test apparatus is based upon the Erichsen Principle which is used to perform a cupping test on a coated steel panel having a thickness of 0.8 – 2 mm to define the resistance of paints, varnishes and related products to cracking. This test is determined on a coated steel panel by testing to a specified depth at which coating fails.

Standard: DIN 53156, IS 101 (Part 5 / Sec.2), IS 10175 (Part 1), ISO 8490, ISO R149, ISO 1520
Raj Make

• Easy to use.
• Low effort in operation.
• Zero point calibration.
• Ergonomic and compact design.
• Two handled crank for ease of operation.
• Minimal manual force is required due to inbuilt gear box.
• The apparatus also has a magnifier to accurately view the fissures, tears and cracks

Technical Specifications:
Punch diameter                                       : 20 mm
Die diameter                                            : 27 mm
Panel thickness                                       : 0.8 mm to 2 mm
Maximum width of panel                         : up to 90 mm
Mechanical Dial Gauge (Least Count)    : 0.01 mm.
Digital Dial (Least Count)                        : 0.01 mm

Cupping Tester is available in two models :
• Analog Dial Indicator.
• Digital Dial Indicator.

Accessories required for testing:
• MS panel : 150 x 75 x 1 mm

Package Includes:
Cupping tester, magnifier, gauge, manual,
calibration certificate & spares.

Ordering Information:
Ref No.750/1 Analog Model
Ref No.750/2 Digital Model
HSN Code: 90241000


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