Conical Mandrel Tester

Conical Mandrel Tester

The scientific equipment conical mandrel tester determines the flexibility of painted panels which are clamped and formed round the conical mandrel by rotation of the roller frame. The mandrel is tapered from 1 ½” to 1/8″ along its length.

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Conical Mandrel is a laboratory apparatus used to determine the flexibility, adhesion, elasticity and elongation by bending the fully cured coated M.S. Panel or specimen over a conical shape mandrel. The specimen can be bent on part or along the entire length of the mandrel and the resulting cracks corresponding to different test diameters can be observed in a single operation.
The frame has a bending lever with a roller that pivots on the conical mandrel with a diameter from 3 mm to 38 mm. A graduation indicates the mandrel diameter in mm. Mandrel is tapered from 1 ½” to ⅛” along its length and has markings from 37 mm to 6 mm in diameter on the flat scale of the mandrel. It consists of a bending lever, clamping lever, and roller frame with mild steel bending cone. Its base and flat scale is made up of a good quality mild steel body with powder coatings for durability. M.S. Panel or Specimen is clamped in front of dia which requires and bends the panel with the help of a bending lever by rotation of the roller frame and observes the panel for any defects on a coated film.

Standard: ASTM D 522, BS 3900 E 11, IS 101 (Part 5 / Sec. 2), ISO 6860
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Technical Specifications:
Larger end : 38 mm
Smaller end : 3.0 mm
Cone length : 203 mm

Accessories required for testing:
• M.S.Panel 150 x 75 x 1 mm.

Package Includes:
Conical mandrel, manual, spares and calibration certificate.

Ordering Information:
Ref No.116/1 Conical Mandrel – Normal Quality
Ref No.116/2 Conical Mandrel – Superior Quality
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