Adjustable Micrometer Film Applicator

Film Thickness can be adjusted in 10-micron steps from 0  to  10 mm with help of two Mitutoyo Japanese micrometer screws. Made from Aluminium and Stainless Steel with a blade applicator.
Suitable for high viscous, and thick fluid on Flat Surfaces.

Range : 0 – 10 mm
0 – 10,000 micron
Film Width : 80 mm

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Adjustable Micrometer Film Applicator is used to draw the film according to requirement by adjusting the micrometer head. It is made up of an aluminium frame and blade.The stainless steel blades are easy to install, calibrate and clean. It enhances the accuracy in the thickness of the film. The blade of this applicator can be adjusted with the help of two micrometer heads from 0 – 10,000 microns with an increment of 10 µm and Its least count is 10 µm. The drawn down film width is upto 100 mm.
This instrument is suitable for highly viscous solution and thick fluid on a flat surface. It is made up of high grade non corrosive anodised aluminium. These applicators are designed to be convenient for handling, easy to use / clean and ideal for the paint and coating industry, cosmetic industry and steel industry.

Standard: ASTM D 823
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Technical Specifications:

Package Includes:
Adjustable micrometer film applicator and manual

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 150 Adjustable micrometer film applicator
HSN Code: 90318000


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