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  • Pen Type PH Meter

    Pen Type PH Meter

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  • Pencil Hardness Tester

    The Pencil Hardness tester is the most common but also the most inconsistent technique to measure the hardness of a coating. This test conduct scratch hardness tests to determine the resistance of coating material in order to prevent the scratches on the surface.

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  • Penetrometer

    For determine semi solid to solid materials, such as grease waxes, cosmetics, Paint. Using Penetration in the sample by a cone of definite weights ( 50 or 100) gms. fitted to rod. by adjusting arm to touch the surface of the sample, automatic timer is also available.

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  • Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester Closed Type

    As per IP 34 ASTMD -93, IS 1448 (P-21)

    For determination of flash point of petroleum products having a flash point above 49°C (120°F.)

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  • Portable Gloss Meter

    Gloss of the surface is the ratio of light reflected from the surface of the sample to the light incident on it, when the angle of incidence and reflectance are equal numerically but opposite in sign i.e. gloss is a measure of how well the surface functions as a mirror.

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  • RAL Shade Card

    Colours are useful for identification classification and comparisons.


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  • Sag Index

    Sag Index used to determine the level of Wet Film Thickness of Paint Film. It will help to evaluate visually for sag resistance of coating. The instrument is commonly used in laboratories for quality control and experimental purposes for various fields like Paint, Ink & Powder Coating Industries.

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  • Salt Fog Test Chambers

    For determine the corrosion of surface coating when exposed to a salt environment. Test can be carried out the samples by spraying salt solution into the chamber. The corrosion rates are expressed as weight loss with time.

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  • Salt Spray – ASTM B-117 Standard

    Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber
    As per ASTM B-117 Standard

    FRP Double Wall Chamber, PU Painted outer surface with built in salt solution reservoir. Spray Nozzle mad of SS 316 L Grade.

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