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  • Adjustment Film Application

    Adjustment Film Application

    Film Thickness can be adjusted in 10 micron steps from 0 to 10 mm with help of two micrometer screws.

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  • Cube Applicator

    Cube Applicator

    Made from Stainless Steel with gap sizes

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  • Film Applicator

    Applicator are designed for the production of uniform films of paints, adhesive and similar products on plane substrates.

    Film Applicator


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  • Imported Thermo – Hygrometer

    Digital dual LCD display each shows humidity and temperature.
    Memory for highest and lowest temperature and humidity, measuring

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  • Sag Index

    Sag Index used to determine the level of Wet Film Thickness of Paint Film. It will help to evaluate visually for sag resistance of coating. The instrument is commonly used in laboratories for quality control and experimental purposes for various fields like Paint, Ink & Powder Coating Industries.

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  • Weight Per Litre Cup

    A stainless steel precision instrument for determining the specific weight of paints and similar products.

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  • Wire Bar Coater

    Wire Bar Coaters, which used for assuring uniformity & thickness of the thin films and other variegated applications. Our range is manufactured using superior grade stainless steel and can be used for foils & paper owing to its thickness. Moreover, these products can be used for testing coating of flexible material such as paper, cardboard, test charts, foils, leathers and textiles.

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